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Fri 7th Feb 2014 | News


The reveal of the Warrior CG Challenge this week marks an exciting milestone in the Trojan Horse was a Unicorn (THU/2014) calendar. While the THU organizers are busy building a guest list like no other for September’s festival – where Oscar winners and digital art gods will bestow their creative geniuses across four days of seminars, workshops, mentored lessons and fireside chats – the Warrior CG Challenge offers everyone the opportunity to take part.


THU/2013 in Troia, Portugal was a tremendous success, welcoming over 30 internationally renowned artists/speakers and a swarm of 200-plus attendees – fondly known as the THU ‘warriors’ – from 18 different countries. To honor the fantastic people that made THU possible, the attendee has become the inspiration for this year’s competition. The challenge is to create the ultimate THU attendee – a THU/2014 warrior. Character designs can be imaginary, photorealistic, cartoon-like, otherworldly – whatever the creative mind can summon. The competition is open for both 2D and 3D illustrations; entrants are simply asked to use their favorite techniques to craft an image worthy of being crowned the THU/2014 ‘Golden Ticket’ winner.


As a reward for the artist that crafts the finest warrior, the Golden Ticket prize includes a flight plan to and from Lisbon, transport to and from the airport and festival venue, plus four nights in a five-star hotel between 17 and 20 September, with breakfast on top. The lucky winner will also have the chance to participate in exclusive parties with THU guests throughout the festival, making this a potentially life-changing opportunity.


“[It’s] a full golden opportunity to visit us and accompany our guest artists during the festival days,” says Cátia Domingues, THU/2014 Producer. “That means a four-day all-access Golden Ticket with trip and lodging expenses included. How’s that for an incentive?”


The competition is open now until 10 April 2014. A judging panel comprising of top artists José Alves da Silva, Loïc Zimmerman, Pedro Conti, Tiago Hoisel and Victor Hugo will combine heads to choose the ultimate winner in April. Submissions should be posted to the official Facebook group ( with at least three work-in-progress images, and a high-res final image must also be emailed to Artists are encouraged to read the rules in the Files tab of the THU CG Challenge Facebook Group before entering, and to ask any questions on the Facebook Group wall.


For further information about THU/2014 visit and follow the official Facebook Page for updates and announcements:

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