The Foundry Takes on FLIX

Fri 5th Jul 2013 | News

Earlier this year The Foundry took over commercial development of FLIX,  an in-house solution previously developed at Sony Pictures Imageworks.


FLIX is a web-based visual story development tool that allows creative collaborators including directors, editors, cinematographers, storyboard and previs artists to work together in one place. It allows users to work together and perfect concepts as they develop the visual story of a film or project. Collaboration is achieved through a common, web-based tool suite that also plays well with other packages like NUKE, MODO and KATANA as well as third party applications such as Maya, Photoshop and Avid software.


FLIX is not currently available to buy off-the-shelf but interested facilities can contact The Foundry to find out more and enquire about adoption. You can complete the form on The Foundry's site to register your interest.


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