“The Deathsickle”

Tue 10th Dec 2013 | News


Meet the “Deathsickle,” a Necrolyte weapon crafted from scratch for DOTA 2 using MODO Steam Edition. With an expansive toolset that lets you model, manipulate, texture, and paint just about any zany piece of gear you can imagine, MODO Steam Edition is perfect for DOTA 2 enthusiasts, modders, and aspiring game developers who want to put their own unique touch on the gameplay experience.


MODO Steam Edition will support asset creation for Team Fortress 2 as well. The software is based-on The Foundry’s award-winning MODO software, which is used extensively for visual effects and 3D animation in the film, design, and gaming industries. It’s been used in games like Borderlands 2, RAGE, DOOM 4, and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, to name a few.


MODO Steam Edition launches on Dec. 10th for PC (MSRP: $149), and a Mac version will follow shortly.


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