Terragen 3

Sat 17th Aug 2013 | News


Planetside announces the introduction of a new, professionally-oriented product focused on the needs of VFX production for film and broadcast, game asset development, architectural visualization, as well as print.  Developed with direct feedback from visual effects vendors using Terragen in major film and TV projects, Terragen 3 Professional includes many new features and performance enhancements to meet the needs of deadline-driven projects. A Linux render node will also be available with Terragen 3 Professional, making integration with existing Linux render farms possible for the first time.




Feature Highlights
Comprehensive layer and render element output, Enhanced 3D preview, a New ultra fast high detail Global Illumination mode, Significantly improved population control including per-instance editing and color variation, Support for FBX and other industry-standard data interchange formats, Significant performance enhancements for localized cloud rendering, Object mesh deformation, Content library for organizing and quickly accessing scene files, objects, and textures, Enhanced DEM format and geo-referencing support, New spherical camera, Depth of Field blur, and Linux render node.


Terragen 3 builds on the cutting-edge technology first released in Terragen 2, which has been used for visual effects in more than 20 feature films as well as numerous major TV productions, and is relied upon by many of the most respected visual effects companies. Terragen’s powerful displacement and atmospherics engines have garnered a reputation for accurate, photo realistic environments featuring detailed terrains, physically-based volumetric skies, and massive populations of instanced geometry. Planetside Software has continued to improve these core strengths for Terragen 3, producing new creative options and render capabilities, improved performance, and enhanced workflows.


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