Ten Top Tips on Rendering Managers

Wed 5th Dec 2012 | News

PipelineFX releases a sweet list of tips for when you change your Render Manager.

PipelineFX was putting together some tip tweets for December on "10 Lessons When Changing Render Managers" and since they are actually great ideas for anyone to use, we at CGSociety thought they would be great advice for anyone heading into that storm.

TEN Top Tips for when Changing Render Managers

1. Set-up a test farm

2. Roll out over time.

3. Don't forget to train your artists too.

4. Realize everything won't be exactly the same.

5. Do the integration work BEFORE a short deadline project.

6. Train your admins.

7. Take advantage of new capabilities.

8. Get help making the change (consulting and training and services).

9. Emphasize the new capabilities.

10. Everyone hates change.



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