TACTIC and ClarityNow!

Sun 1st May 2011 | News

Southpaw Technology and DataFrameworks have integrated their technologies - TACTIC and ClarityNow! respectively - to help companies that produce massive amounts of digital content solve one of their most challenging and costly problems: the inefficient management and storage of digital data.

With today’s file-based workflows, digital assets and file system storage are an integral part of the production line. As productions grow in size, so too do the number of files to be managed, sometimes into the 100’s of thousands. This growing number of files shrinks the amount of available online storage. Often, when productions near completion, storage capacity is at its lowest point because files have not been moved off line, which in turn jeopardizes the entire production. The TACTIC/ClarityNow! integration will alleviate these problems.

TACTIC enables vast teams of digital artists and animators to efficiently store, track, find and move digital assets through the creation process. With its powerful versioning features, TACTIC can automatically inform ClarityNow! of the latest versions of a file, and then tag older versions of files that need to be moved to near-line or off-line storage, simplifying the task of data managers whose job it is to identify unused files. What’s more, ClarityNow! will organize the files kept in on-, near- and off-line storage to maximize disk space. This not only makes files easier to find; it saves digital productions millions of dollars in manual processes and unnecessary storage costs.

The integration of TACTIC and ClarityNow! is currently in development and expected by late summer of 2011.

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