Substance Bonus

Wed 9th Jan 2013 | News

Allegorithmic has upgraded the Substance offerings in Autodesk's animation software, called the Bonus Tools for Maya, for free. This is to assist those using the procedural texture format that works natively within Autodesk Maya.

After installing Substance Bonus Tools, a new shelf called «Substance» will be added to the shelves menu bar. It allows you to easily access a set of useful tools that will help you get the most out of Substance textures in Maya 2013.



This new update is still free and brings numerous new tools to ease your life working with Maya and Substance: new example scenes, scripts and compatibility with all renderers (not only mental ray, but RenderMan, Arnold, etc.

Substance Bonus Tools for Maya 2 is now available for all platforms and will now update every time the developer adds new tools.  The tools are available on the Allegorithmic site.



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