Studio ArtFX Releases Shadowskin on DVD

Mon 15th Jul 2002 | News

Studio ArtFX, the creator behind the widely acclaimed "Understanding Chaos" animation has announced the release of their latest anime title Shadowskin - Valley of Time on DVD. This latest release from the studio, helmed by independent animator Terrence Walker, marks a break from the short film format of Understanding Chaos and their first foray into the Japanese style OVA (Original Video Animation) format.

The DVD is available for order today at the Studio ArtFX website for only US$14.99.

A brand new trailer for this latest independent animation effort can be seen here.

Some of the special features of this DVD edition include

• Deconstruction - A tutorial featurette on character animation, Hypervoxels 3.0 sprite mode with Particle FX, and compositing in Aura 2.5.
• Wired - Wireframe animation to final scene comparison featurette.
• Interview - An interview with independent filmmaker and cast member Jim May.
• Digital audio and anamorphic video
• NO Region encoding for the ability to play on any NTSC DVD player in the world.

Studio ArtFX

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