Studio ArtFX Announces New CG Trailer and New Sale

Wed 2nd Apr 2003 | News

Studio ArtFX, helmed by independent artist and animator Terrence Walker, today announced the release of a new CG trailer on their popular website. Delve into the making of Shadowskin, the second anime style OVA from Studio ArtFX, now on sale for a limited time. This sale features the Shadowskin DVD, including the extensive making-of features, on sale for only $12.99. The trailer for this original, independent animation, available in streaming Quicktime format or a downloadable DivX version, can be seen at:

"I wanted to make it absolutely clear, my commitment to show artists and enthusiasts how it can be done," said Terrence Waker, director of Understanding Chaos and Shadowskin OVA. "As I move forward onto new projects as well, I will continue to provide the most extensive and in-depth look into the process of how one artist made a dream into reality!"

With the DVD release of Understanding Chaos, Studio ArtFX attempted to offer independent animators everywhere a complete guide to how such a project could be pulled off by a lone animator using off-the-shelf software and hardware. Now with the making-of Shadowskin features, viewers can go even deeper into the process and find out, step by step, how Terrence Walker merged 2D digital animation with 3D CGI to achieve a look often compared to major studio productions. With detailed explanations of processes such as setting up IK chains, creating particle explosion effects and multi-layer compositing, the DVD covers every aspect of making independent animation a reality.

"I know many of the regular readers of my site are starting or are well into their own independent films," spoke Terrence Walker. "There's still a lot of artists and enthusiasts out there who, to this day, cannot imagine actually getting their project done. If these making-of features can show them that they don't need the studios, they don't need someone's financing and that they can be making their film right now, then I've done what I set out to do."

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