StereoGraphics’ Glasses-Free 3D SynthaGram Selected for Discreet Booth

Wed 23rd Jul 2003 | News

SynthaGram 182
The SynthaGram 182 has a resolution of 1280 x 1024, and is designed for desktop displays and special applications such as arcades and gaming.
Discreet, a division of Autodek, Inc., is set to provide a special visual experience for the crowds at its SIGGRAPH booth this year, relying on StereoGraphics SynthaGram Glasses-Free 3D Monitors to showcase its 3ds max animated and visual effects content. Discreet is using the 42-inch Plasma SynthaGram in their booth and the 22-inch ultra high-resolution (3840x2400) SynthaGram monitor in their private customer suite—to assure maximum viewing impact for show audiences.

The SynthaGram monitor is ideal for tradeshow displays—the vivid 3D stills and video created by the monitor stands out in a tradeshow environment and captures the attention of passers by. The SynthaGram offers 3D visualization with wide viewing angles and does not require special eyewear. Since the SynthaGram uses premier lenticular technology, the 3D images are amazingly brighter and deeper than other 3D monitors, thus avoiding the eyestrain common in most 3D displays.

Discreet is showing glasses-free 3D content in broadcast, film, games, and design visualization. Discreet created the SIGGRAPH content with its 3ds max software, the world's most popular animation modeling, and rendering solution for film, television, games and design visualization. Discreet then used a StereoGraphics 3ds max plug-in to convert their content to Glasses-Free 3D.

“Discreet’s key goal is to provide our customers with the tools to help them tell great stories through great visuals,” said Joe Klingler, Ph.D, Discreet vice president of software products.“We’re excited to show the amazing 3D animations and visual effects our customers have created this year at SIGGRAPH on the StereoGraphics SynthaGram 42-inch plasma and 22-inch high-resolution LCD monitors,” said Klingler.

“The 3D effect of the SynthaGram is amazing. It takes our already impressive 3ds max content and takes it to a whole new level. Using the SynthaGram monitor in our booth will be a great way to feature our content and pull people into our booth,” added Joe Klingler.

Due to the crisp, bright images and wide viewing angles, the SynthaGram is ideal for public display settings. Applications include In Store Retail Displays, Arcades, Gaming, Corporate Lobbies, Boardrooms, Tradeshow Booths and Kiosks, Automotive Dealerships, Museums, and Theme Parks.

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