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Thu 10th Oct 2013 | News

3Dconnexion releases their SpaceMouse Wireless 3D mouse.



The 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Wireless is an easy-to-use 3D mouse that for the first time combines 3Dconnexion’s patented six-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) sensor with proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless technology to deliver natural and intuitive 3D navigation without the clutter of cords. While everyone reading this can claim to already have a mouse for their work, this 3D mouse is used by your non-dominant hand in tandem with a standard mouse for a balanced, cooperative work style. You can manipulate the 3D mouse’s controller cap to simultaneously pan, zoom and rotate 3D content while your standard mouse is free to select menu items of parts of the model. 



Like other 3Dconnexion products, SpaceMouse Wireless allows users to smoothly position 3D content or camera views while simultaneously using the standard mouse as a pointing device to select, create and edit. The end result is a more rewarding 3D experience, proven productivity gains and a reduction in repetitive strain injuries caused by repeatedly clicking and moving a standard mouse. This isn’t a novel way to work or a luxury. It fundamentally improves the way you interact with your 3D application. Artists can choose to work with 3D mice daily for the proven productivity increases and enhanced design comfort they provide.

The SpaceMouse Wireless has a battery life of up to a whole month and when it does need recharging, the supplied micro-USB cable handles data and charging at the same time so users simply connect and continue working.


The 3Dconnexion radial menus are a new software feature introduced with SpaceMouse Wireless, but also available on all currently supported products (SpaceNavigator, SpaceNavigator for Notebooks, SpaceMouse Wireless, SpaceExplorer, SpaceMouse Pro, SpacePilot Pro). Users can create and assign a radial menu of up to 4 sections to any of their products buttons. For example, a SpaceNavigator or SpaceMouse Wireless user can create and assign two radial menus (as the products have two physical buttons) and a SpaceMouse Pro user could create and assign 15 radial menus (as the product has 15 physical buttons).


SpaceMouse Wireless has a suggested retail price of US$129 and is available immediately.



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