Sony Pictures Imageworks Chooses NXN alienbrain VFX

Tue 28th Jan 2003 | News

Sony Pictures Imageworks Chooses NXN alienbrain VFX

LOS ANGELES, Jan 27, 2003 -- NXN Software, the leading supplier of asset management solutions for the digital entertainment and computer graphics industries, today announced that Sony Pictures Imageworks is implementing NXN alienbrain VFX for the production of visual effects, digital character animation and full-length CG motion pictures. NXN alienbrain VFX, the first commercial digital asset and production management system specifically designed for high-end computer graphics projects, will be integrated into Imageworks' production pipeline for such upcoming films such as The Amazing Spider-Man and The Polar Express.

"Sony Pictures Imageworks continues to redefine the role of digital effects in feature films," said Tim Sarnoff, president of Sony Pictures Imageworks. "When we bring a filmmaker's vision to the screen, we work with a vast amount of digital assets. Tracking the asset flow throughout production with NXN alienbrain VFX will enable us to make these groundbreaking films more efficiently."

Studio-wide asset management

Sony Pictures Imageworks deploys NXN alienbrain VFX studio-wide to track motion capture data, 3D models, rendered film clips and digitized live-action plates in upcoming productions. NXN alienbrain VFX enables Imageworks' teams to track the dependencies between scenes, models and textures, manage large amounts of film frames efficiently and optimize versioning and archiving for all digital assets. In addition to the core asset management functionality, Imageworks will also use NXN alienbrain VFX to enhance existing systems, like those used for review and approval during the film studio's daily screening sessions.

"In order to make our high-end visual effects and computer animation production even more efficient, Imageworks is integrating NXN alienbrain VFX tightly into its production pipeline, combining NXN's solution with our proprietary production management and compositing systems," said Bill Villarreal, vice president technical operations at Sony Pictures Imageworks. "NXN's impressive CG asset management capabilities will help us increase productivity and reduce time spent on the workflow management tasks."

Gregor vom Scheidt, chief executive officer and founder of NXN Software, said: "Sony Pictures Imageworks' decision for NXN alienbrain VFX is proof of the fact that the diverse challenges of asset management for the whole range of visual effects, digital character animation and full-length CG feature films can now be met by a single commercial system."

Manage film assets throughout production

Based on the asset management technology of NXN alienbrain, NXN alienbrain VFX was specifically adapted for computer animated feature films and high-end visual effects productions. It is a terabyte-scalable system for large teams in heterogeneous hardware environments. In contrast to traditional asset management systems that focus primarily on archiving completed assets, NXN alienbrain VFX helps teams manage their digital assets from concept to completion. For more information on NXN alienbrain VFX, please call: 877-287-9691.

About Sony Pictures Imageworks

Sony Pictures Imageworks is an award-winning state-of-the-art visual effects and animation company dedicated to the art and artistry of digital production and character creation. With Academy Award nominations for its work on "Hollow Man,""Stuart Little" and "Starship Troopers," Imageworks has become a major force by providing leading edge technology to its world class artists. Imageworks produced extensive visual effects work on the international hits "Spider-Man" and "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" as well as recent releases "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers,""I Spy,""Men in Black II" and "Stuart Little 2." Imageworks is currently in production on "The Matrix Reloaded,""Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle,""Bad Boys II,""The Polar Express,""Haunted Mansion,""Big Fish" and "The Amazing Spider-Man."

Imageworks recently produced and released its first original all-CG animated short, "The ChubbChubbs," seen on more than 2500 screens with "Men in Black II" and "Stuart Little 2.""The ChubbChubbs" was honored with major awards, being named Best Animated Short Film at the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival and Best Short Film at LEAF (London Effects and Animation Festival) and AEAF (Australia Effects and Animation Festival).

Imageworks is a key component of Sony Pictures Digital (SPD), which oversees Sony Pictures Entertainment's digital production and online entertainment assets.

About Sony Pictures Digital

Sony Pictures Digital, an operating unit of Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), oversees the activities of SPE's digital production and online assets including Sony Pictures Animation, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Sony Online Entertainment, Sony Pictures Digital Networks Division which includes SoapCity, Screenblast, the studio's online promotional arm SPiN, and the UK interactive television service GoPlayTV. Sony Pictures Digital focuses on three areas: 1) producing and developing visual effects, digital character animation and full-length CG motion pictures; 2) developing new forms of online content, games and interactive programming; and 3) leading SPE's efforts to provide online, open-access video-on-demand, interactive and wireless entertainment. For additional information, please visit

About NXN Software

NXN Software ( ) is the leading supplier of asset management systems for the digital entertainment and computer graphics industries. NXN products provide designers, programmers and project managers with a powerful framework to manage all assets throughout the development process. Companies using NXN Software include many of the world's most renowned entertainment studios, such as Sony, Electronic Arts, LucasArts and Infogrames. NXN Software has offices in Los Angeles, Paris, London, Munich and Tokyo.

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