SOFTIMAGE|XSI: The Force Behind Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Tue 17th Dec 2002 | News

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – 16th December 2002 -- As gamers worldwide eagerly anticipate the Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation 2 releases of Star Wars: The Clone Wars by LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC, Softimage Co. today revealed that the fast-paced, vehicular action combat game developed by Pandemic Studios was entirely and exclusively created using the SOFTIMAGE®|XSI® software, the industry’s leading 3-D nonlinear production environment.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which recently became available on Nintendo GameCube, is already getting rave reviews for the quality of both the action and the graphics. The game replicates for players many of the original film’s large-scale action scenes and recreates, with the SOFTIMAGE|XSI software, exceedingly realistic, precisely animated replicas of the intricate vehicles and creatures of the movie.

Well known to gamers worldwide as the creators of the critically acclaimed Battle Zone and Dark Reign series of real-time strategy games, Santa Monica-based Pandemic Studios chose the SOFTIMAGE|XSI environment for its superior creative toolset, highly productive workflow capabilities and for the unmatched level of support Softimage provides.

“Our main challenge was to faithfully translate the film’s effects and intricate characters into a games environment,” says Carey Chico, Pandemic’s art director. “The vehicles and creatures in the movie all tend to have exceptionally high polygon counts and thus meant a large amount of work. But thanks to the SOFTIMAGE|XSI environment, we were able to easily rig up intricate skeletons and effectively build the animation upon them. Moreover, the Subdivision Surfaces allowed fast and easy transitions from low to high resolution models. The system’s Texture Editing tools were also very easy to use and efficient when it came to creating larger environments. What’s more, the Real-Time Shaders went a long way to realizing a number of effects prior to getting into the game.”

Availability and Pricing
The SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.3.0 environment, which supports Windows, Linux and IRIX operating systems, is available today with pricing starting at $6,750*. For a limited time, until December 22, 2002, existing SOFTIMAGE|XSI customers can upgrade to version 3.0 of SOFTIMAGE|XSI for as little as $1,395* and SOFTIMAGE|3D customers can trade-up to the SOFTIMAGE|XSI environment starting at $3,500*. Additionally, until December 22, 2002, Softimage is offering attractive trade-in credits, for old 3-D software, towards the purchase of the SOFTIMAGE|XSI environment. By trading-in one of the following software packages, Alias|Wavefront Maya Builder, Maya Complete and Maya Unlimited, discreet 3ds max, NewTek Lightwave, Side Effects Houdini, companies can save up to $6,500* off the price of the SOFTIMAGE|XSI software, the industry’s leading 3-D nonlinear production environment. Visit Softimage at or call 1-800-576-3846 for more information on SOFTIMAGE|XSI software and other Softimage products, as well as all current promotions.

*All prices quoted are USMSRP and in U.S. dollars. International pricing may vary.

About Softimage Co.
Softimage Co., a subsidiary of Avid Technology, Inc., is an industry leader in 3-D animation, 2-D cel animation, compositing and special effects software, designed to address the demands of the film and commercial/broadcast and games/interactive industries. The SOFTIMAGE|XSI software, an integral player in Avid's Make, Manage and Move Media™ strategy, is the flagship product offering from Softimage. It is the industry's first 3-D nonlinear production environment providing animators and digital artists the freedom to make professional animation, visual effects and games - from major motion pictures, to cartoons and commercials, to animated content for video games and Web sites. Softimage is proud to count amongst its customers: ILM, R!OT, Valve, Capcom, Electronic Arts, The Mill, Pixel Liberation Front, Blue Sky Studios, Hybride, Mainframe, Janimation, Quiet Man, PSYOP, Cinepix and Framestore. The Softimage product family is designed to help users innovate, create and collaborate throughout the production process. For more information about Softimage visit For more information about Avid visit

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