Softimage to show XSI 3.0 and SOFTIMAGE|3D 4.0 at SIGGRAPH

Fri 19th Jul 2002 | News

SIGGRAPH is just round the corner and Softimage will be showing SOFTIMAGE|XSI 3.0 and SOFTIMAGE|3D 4.0. Softimage will be showing all its glorious features such as Toonz 4.6 and SOFTIMAGE|XSI BatchUniversal 3.0. Softimage will be hosting other events at the show including Softimage University, featuring seminars on rendering, character engineering and software extensions development, as well as special multi-lingual stage demonstrations for foreign visitors, a symposium for development partners and training centers at multiple venues including the Hewlett Packard booth.

Visitors to the Softimage booth will be able to hear presentations from high-profile Softimage users displaying a range of work from blockbuster film projects including ILM on Men In Black II; R!OT on The One, Queen of The Dammed and Scorpion King and commercials customers such as PSYOP and Avtoma. Leading computer graphics studio Mainframe Entertainment will also be demonstrating how it uses the SOFTIMAGE|XSI system on Linux in its workflow.


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