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Tue 9th Oct 2012 | News

From 28 November to 1 December, 2012, the fifth edition of the highly regarded and anticipated ACM SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition will be back in its inaugural city, Singapore. Across the event, Asia continues to make its mark, sealing SIGGRAPH Asia’s position as a global platform to showcase the region’s best innovations and breakthrough ideas to the world.


This year’s SIGGRAPH Asia in Singapore will bring together the best names in the animation, graphics, digital art and technology industries from around the world. Expect to be inspired by visual effects and production presentations by Oscar winning presenters and also, to discover upcoming trends and research from the technical programs.

Academy Award-winning Production Sessions
The Academy Award-winning visual effects supervisor Paul Franklin is featured in a Special Session on the production of The Dark Knight Rises, the conclusion to Christopher Nolan's epic Batman trilogy. The Dark Knight Rises was partly shot in the IMAX format. Franklin will explain how, through a close liaison with Nolan, he developed a unique approach to the challenges of high-resolution 65mm VFX.


Academy Award-winning Ben Grossmann from Pixomondo brings the company’s work on HUGO to the SIGGRAPH Asia audience. In this presentation, Grossmann will discuss the production process behind HUGO and how this method is becoming the new model of international visual effects. In addition to addressing the technical workflow, Grossmann will touch on the benefits and challenges that arise when working with facilities spread across the globe.

The Moving Picture Company will present their VFX work on Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. MPC's Daniele Bigi will demonstrate how the team overcame a number of technical and creative challenges to create some of the most memorable visual effects of 2012. Ubisoft’s Georges Torres and Julien Proux will be along to discuss the Assassin’s Creed III project and the CTO of Lucasfilm Dave Story will do a Special Session as well, outlining the projects both San Francisco and Singapore Lucasfilm campuses are working on.


Presenting the Art of Storytelling through Animation
The Computer Animation Festival is known to be a program that every attendee looks forward to, whether they are from academia or the industry, student or professional. From a healthy intake of 484 submissions, 33 clips were selected for the Electronic Theater and 45 were selected for the Animation Theater. About half of the selections are from Europe, bringing a fresh, unique sample of new talent.

"I would say that this year, the jury has selected films that are artistically a masterpiece with a nice scenario," says Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann, Chair of the SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 Computer Animation Festival. "Really, this year we have brought the computer graphics film festival towards the flavor of an arts festival where the technology is not really apparent. What counts is the story, the message that is brought to the attendee. The CG technology is used but it is for the sake of the art and not the technology itself."


Technology of the Apps
The second Symposium on Apps at SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 in Singapore is a venue for both industry and academia to introduce the opportunities and challenges of mobile applications development to the global graphics community. In an Invited Panel, experts from academia and industry will discuss and explain the current market for mobile apps. Among several industry experts, spokespeople from Motorola and Yahoo! Labs bring their knowledge of future directions to the table.

The quality and depth of submissions this year for the Technical Papers program encompasses many of the world’s most influential institutions. Firms like Microsoft, Adobe, Microsoft Research Asia, and Disney Research have submitted papers of their latest research, as well as hallowed academic research institutions like MIT, ETH-Zurich, Stanford University and University of California, Berkeley. The Technical Papers program boasts an introduction of adaptive sampling framework that reduces noise in Monte Carlo rendering. The team from the National Taiwan University shows their ground-breaking new rendering method handling all types of distributed effects with less noise than other approaches.


The Courses program has a selection from both the technical realm as well as the artistic side of VFX production. The session from Disney Toon Studios, shows their whole pipeline and how they approach their stereo graphics, with a sneak preview from their recent The Secret of the Wings movie. A leading instructor on the course, Vladimir Sierra, has experience working with NASA doing visualisation and now heads up Disney Toon Studios doing stereo techniques.


There are a selection of speakers from NVIDIA, AMD, Disney Research Zurich and DreamWorks Animation, as well as ETH-Zurich, University of Utah and Pixar Animation Studios. The courses range in topics from GPU graphics, recent advances in cloth modeling, and story-telling for films and games. Additionally, there are courses that explore how Hollywood uses previsualization to help create movies.


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