SIGGRAPH 2002 is all go

Mon 15th Jul 2002 | News

Despite the floods happening in Texas, SIGGRAPH authorities have assured that SIGGRAPH 2002 in San Antonio will be unaffected.

"Lots of places around San Antonio have flooded, but the downtown area is fine. Ten or 15 years ago, the city invested in a huge underground tunnel to divert floodwaters from the Riverwalk area. It's working!"

Bob Berger
SIGGRAPH 2002 Committee
San Antonio

"Most of the rain and subsequent flooding occurred north and west of the city. While some areas received 30-40 inches, the downtown area only received about 13 inches over five days. Just about all of the flooding being shown by the media is outside the city and is in rivers surrounding the city. These rivers do not include the San Antonio River, which is the one that goes through the heart of the Riverwalk/Convention Center area. Unless attendees travel to an area outside the city, they will not see any sign of the recent heavy rains."

Eliot Harris
Freeman Decorating Company
San Antonio


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