Side Effects Announces Houdini Halo

Tue 23rd Jul 2002 | News

Side Effects Software, developer of the award-winning Houdini family of 3D software, announced today Houdini Halo, a stand-alone compositing and image editing application. Houdini Halo is the newest addition to the Houdini family of products, which also includes Houdini Master, Houdini Select and Houdini Escape. Houdini Halo is the most flexible, cost-effective compositing solution available to professional artists, and will be commercially available in Q4 of 2002 at a list price of US$2999.

The Houdini family offers 3D artists of all levels scalable solutions to service their specific animation and effects needs. Built on over ten years of research and development, Houdini Halo incorporates the same VEX and VOPs tools that make Houdini Master an industry favorite. VEX is the language that is used throughout the Houdini family and allows artists to create custom operators to drive a myriad of effects functions. VOPs, new to the 5.5 version upgrade, allow artists an interactive, visual way of creating custom VEX operators including shaders, composite operators, and more, without the need to write code.

"In 2002, the effects software industry experienced significant changes, particularly in the realm of compositing, with Apple's acquisition of Shake and Rayz. In light of these changes, there has been a rising demand among professional effects artists for solid compositing solutions that fit into their existing NT and Linux-based production pipelines," explained Tony Cristiano, General Manager, Side Effects Software US. "With our compositing architecture refined over a decade, Side Effects Software is pleased to offer a standalone, Hollywood-level compositing and image editing solution based on the same functionality of Houdini 5.5 to serve this group of artists."

Houdini Halo offers significant advantages as a compositing and image editing solution. With full floating point and deep raster support, Houdini Halo also offers tight integration with the rest of the Houdini family of products. As with all Houdini products, floating licenses work across all supported platforms including Windows (32 and 64-Bit Editions,) Linux (32 and 64-Bit Editions,) Solaris and IRIX.

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