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Wed 18th Sep 2013, by Paul Hellard | Peoplestudios

Ballistic Publishing's EXPOSÉ 11 is the latest instalment of the Finest Digital Art in the Known Universe. This year's tome brings together a record number of inspiring works from not only the giants of the game and film industry, but also many rising stars. The winner of the EXPOSÉ 11 Portrait (rendered) Master Award is Siamak Roshani, for his immaculate depiction of 'Mafia Man'. Living in Dubai at present, this Iranian artist has a deep interest in game production and working within the virtual graphic worlds created in this industry.

In 2007 Siamak traveled out to Dubai in the UAE, hoping to get a better opportunity to prove himself in the field. He joined a company called ClockworkVFX. He worked there as a modeler for not just characters but hard surface models like cars and some environments and texturing. "I've also worked with Optix Digital from 2010 til 2013," says Saimak. "I was and still am working on all kinds of projects in many arenas of the industry. I love being inspired by the games, movies, nature and how other artists work."

Currently l am employed at a recent stablished company named Barajoun Entertainment as senior character artist working on a full CG animated movie.

"For me it is really fun to create characters and the best part is once I finish them, it feels like they are alive!" he says. "Being an artist was all that I wanted. The good thing about it is that I always enjoy what I do. Also I might have the chance to travel and work in different countries which is what I love to do as well."

"To me, there is still a long way to go in art to be one of the best and actually I believe there is no end to this journey. At the moment I am working as a freelancer and at the same time working on personal projects and trying to give life to my ideas," he says.


Sit back right here for 40 minutes of video, or track back later on to see how Siamak Roshani tackles the task of creating the dusty realism of 'Mafia Man'. He uses ZBrush to model, 3ds Max and 3DCoat and Photoshop to finish the piece.




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