Shotgun 4.3

Tue 19th Feb 2013 | News

Shotgun upgrades and redesigns their project management software, releasing Shotgun 4.3 at a new price point.

After a pretty extensive feedback survey rollout from clients, Don Parker and Shotgun has announced the release of Shotgun 4.3, which marks the launch of the New Shotgun: a unified toolset to help you track, schedule, review, collaborate, and manage your digital assets.

The price point is not the only big change in the Shotgun family. The Revolver app and Tank are all part of the offering. The clients gets get everything, at $49 per seat, per month.



They've worked with the guys at Tweak Software to update Screening Room for RV. This integration makes it possible to playback, compare, and annotate high resolution digital media on the desktop or in your screening room. The integration is available to everyone using the New Shotgun and RV. Shotgun now includes Screening Room (formerly known as Revolver) and the API in our standard version of Shotgun!

We'll set up a fully-featured account for you to use at no cost. During your trial you will have full access to our support team. They will help you get setup, answer any questions you have, and provide general help in any way they can. So you'll get to truly 'kick the tires' of both the application and our top-notch support team. If you like what you see, when your 30-day trial is over you can signup using your credit card and continue without any interruption. There is no obligation whatsoever.







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