Shotgun 4.2

Tue 11th Dec 2012 | News

Project Timeline caps off many new features in the industry's best project management tool.


The best and quickest way to check what has been updated and improved is to watch this quick overview video.


Project Timeline is a new app that lets you quickly block out a high-level schedule for a project, then share the key dates with the rest of the studio. You can macro-manage as well as zoom out to see an overview of all the work happening in a given week, month, or year.


Crew Planning updates make this feature even more useful. The row can be adjusted to see the whole crew, with filters available for advanced viewing as well.  The Gantt Overlays are even more pliable and tweakable for better scheduling, with split tasks visible as well. A whole lot of user requested fixes and modifications have also been released.


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