Shadowskin, Valley of Time: Episode 01

Wed 17th Jul 2002, by leonard | Productfocus

Shadowskin, Valley of Time is Studio ArtFX’s latest original animation to be released on DVD. Studio ArtFX is also responsible for Understanding Chaos, another anime-style short film that took the 3D community by storm back in 2000. What is striking about Understanding Chaos and Shadowskin is that they were produced by one man – Terrence Walker. Using Newtek Lightwave 3D and Aura for the bulk of the work, Walker firmly believes that productions are no longer the realm of high-end shops with magnanimous budgets.

The film itself is anime style in both look and storyline. A man only known as “Patient X” finds himself in possession of a mysterious combat armor built into him. The military is willing to kill for it and Patient X is forced to find out about the secret connecting his newfound powers to an ancient force known as “Shadowskin”. This is the first episode in what looks to be an exciting anime series by Walker.

Of special interest to 3D artists are the effects shot breakdown by Walker and the character wireframes. In the breakdown, Walker explains the steps in extreme detail (it really looks like a demo/tutorial than an explanation) used to create one of the shots in the film. The wireframes sort of show how the various characters were constructed using LW subpatch modeling.

The DVD costs $14.95 from the Studio ArtFX online store. After watching the DVD, you will be inspired to produce your own films. If one man is able to direct and produce an entire film released on DVD, you really don’t have an excuse now do you?

Studio ArtFX

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