Seized City

Wed 4th Sep 2013 | News

Six short animated films reinventing Mexico City's public spaces.



Seized City, brings together six studios and directors at the cutting edge of independent animation in Mexico. This inspired series of short film spots aims to reinvent iconic places in Mexico City through animated interventions in public spaces. The project, unique in its kind in the country, seeks to promote the artistic work of those involved, as well as inviting the public to perceive the city in a new light. Through promotional posters placed in the spaces portrayed, passersby can access the short films on their mobile devices using a QR code.



"In Seized City, we bring together emerging talents from six of the best animation studios in Mexico City and gave them the task to reinterpret specific public spaces through site animated interventions," says Melissa Melendez on Llamarada. "The project’s purpose is not only to promote the work of the directors and studios involved, but also to create work that invites the public to see the spaces of the city as they’ve never been seen before."



Through these short animated films, the directors aim to reinvent iconic places of Mexico City to modify the predetermined cultural value that each city space already has. Whether through a computer or a mobile device, viewers can experience places like the Sonora Market, the Vasconcelos Library or the Dolores Cemetery, as new and transformed.



The series features Llamarada, AtotonilcoEstudio, Viumasters, Simon Gerbaud, Basa Studios and Colectivo Diezymedia. Each studio had complete creative freedom and used techniques as varied as 2D and 3D animation, stop motion, pixilation, motion graphics, and video mapping.



Panteon de Dolores / Santolo / Llamarada

Central de Abastos / Viumasters


Biblioteca Vasconcelos / Simon Gerbaud

Mercado de Sonora / Mercado Onirico / Diezymedia

Monumento a la Revolución / BASA

Tlatelolco / Atotonilco estudio

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