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Thu 16th Jun 2011 | News

A blob called Morph is the new face, the next evolution of Science Channel.

Morph is the lynch-pin of a new ever-present team on the Science Channel, about to morph into the next topic focus.

As the blurb says, "Morph can be microscopic or planetary in scale, but most importantly, Morph is always changing."

The promo is directed by in-house director Ronnie Koff.

Imaginary Forces designed and created the evolution of Morph. From a variety of themed promos and network IDs to logo bugs. Fresh from the release of the Starhawk E3 trailer, the team has swung 180 degree to tackle this pretty tactile, scientific project. "We carried the look across multiple programming genres, as well as bringing the brand into an organized system to maintain a cohesive brand package," says Sami Rusani at Imaginary Forces.

Morph represents the future of logo design. It's not limited to the traditionally static logos of the past. It breaks out of the box. That's Morph.

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