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Composer Brian Eno has moved his music creative further into the digital arts and public collaboration sphere with an iPad album, Scape.



Built entirely as an iPad App, created alongside musician and software designer Peter Chilvers, Scape allows the user to pull together shapes, colors and background, and these constitute visual musical cues. They build and play off each other as well, bringing a new sense of musical freedom as well as a digital visual journey that is both unique and surprising.

There is a full musical album in the Scape App if you choose to hear the works as Eno intended. But the alternative version can be regenerated and played on the App in real time or recorded for later playback. Scape's music is created by the movement of various visual symbols on the screen. In this version, the album will never play the same any two times you hear it. Digital music on the fly, with the help from the listener and one of the world's most prolific artists, musicians and thinkers.


Brian Eno is one of those musicians who has collaborated with other musicians as close friends. Really good musicians. Think of U2, ColdPlay, REM, Talking Heads, David Bowie, Roxy Music and Devo. He has also worked with Will Wright, the creator of Spore, and created the soundtrack to the record-breaking game. He has created music for such way-out projects he doesn't really feel there is territory he cannot work in. Brian Eno even composed that three-second musical tone PC users hear when they switch on their Windows machines. [pause for effect]

Scape can be used to create a completely original playlist of ambient music from your own journey in the Scape landscape, or simply play the professional's album and leave it at that. Scape is available on the Apple Appstore.


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