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Fri 7th Sep 2012 | News

New HD line of stock military characters with actions, fully rigged bodies and faces.


The new 'prefab' 3d character library features customizable 3d models of soldiers and combat animations, allowing developers to license highly realistic content.  Rocketbox Studios has released their new HD line of soldier characters, extending the well-established product series 'Complete Characters HD' with military characters.


Simultaneously Rocketbox released a special animation package, consisting of a large set of moves for combat situations, usable with all HD characters from Rocketbox Libraries. This "Combat Animation Pack" is made up of 188 highly realistic animations, ideal for military simulations and games - for example running, walking, weapon handling, talking.



One of the key features of the soldier 3D models is the customizability of their textures and mesh attachments. Textures are included in layered (.psd) image files and can be changed easily, including different variations for each uniform (camouflage patterns, badges, tabs etc.). In addition separate layers of dirt and injuries are also part of the set. Various equipment items that are attached to the 3d model are removable, e.g. helmets, vision systems, weapons, pouches.





A facial animation bone rig is already implemented in this new generation of character models, resulting in a much more lifelike and believable appearance. A wide collection of facial expressions including emotions and phonemes for lip-synced speech are also delivered with each HD character model.




All characters are pre-rigged, ready to use and available for integration in a wide range of projects, as they are optimized for usage in real-time engines and include a large number of Level-Of-Detail meshes (LODs), down to 500 triangles in the lowest LOD.

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