Right Hemisphere Releases Deep Paint Version 2

Wed 19th Mar 2003 | News

Right Hemisphere announced today the immediate availability of the next generation of Deep Paint. The newly released Deep Paint Version 2 brings digital artists and graphics professionals a significant enhancement of the previous version.

Framestore CFC used Deep Paint's 3D brother, Deep Paint 3D, to create
the stunning textures on dinosaurs in Dinotopia.

Feature enhancements include a simpler and easier to use user interface, and a customizable color palette so artists can create their own swatch. New preview features are included with Deep Paint Version 2. Brush Cursor and stroke preview lets artists preview the brush shape and example stroke of the preset before painting. Print preview allows artists to preview the image, as it would appear printed. New categories of presets brushes include dry and wet material, surface textures and special art cloning effects.

In addition to these key features, there have been improvements made to the image stamp feature, which allows artists to quickly define a temporary image stamp and change the image size, rotation, interactively in any viewport. Also, using splines, the artist can define the path of a brush stroke with more accuracy. Updated on-line documentation quickly references key features with new shortcut keys.

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