ResPower Render Farm Opens Shop

Wed 27th Nov 2002 | News

ResPower, Inc. has announced the opening of the world's first automated render farm. Open in beta testing since early October 2002, the automated render farm is available for Lightwave and Maya users with 3dStudioMax coming soon.

ResPower's cofounder, Ladd Ehlinger, says, "Our aim is to bring the power of a large studio to the small animation shop. Pixar, ILM, and Dreamworks can afford mass quantities of computers, but the average animation house outside of LA and NY can't afford to install and maintain a sizeable render farm. Current render farm technologies also don't allow for an easy outsourcing environment, until now. Users just log on to our site and render, almost as
if our render farm were right there in their own facilities."

Since March of this year, ResPower's manual render farm has served both national and international customers using a variety of animation software

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