Reflex Systems announces Reflex|Drama V.1.0

Thu 20th Mar 2003 | News

Reflex Systems Inc announced today the release of the REFLEX|DRAMA v.1.0 system, the first offering of its family of 3D human generation products.

Reflex|DRAMA is the industry's first resolution-independent human modeling and animation system. What this means is that users can design humans once (using the patented Reflex|DNA) and change the resolution on the fly to produce 3D humans tailored to their needs and requirements. Reflex|DRAMA was designed for users who need a scaleable solution that can address the low to medium-resolution required for games while still being able to go super-hires for film and television work.

Reflex|DRAMA is a new class of 3D animation software based on a musculo-skeleton approach. A musculo-skeleton is a simulated assembly of volume tissue representing all the major layers of the human body. Reflex|DRAMA musculo-skeleton layers include bone, cartilage, muscle, tendon, fat and skin.

To model a new Human being, users simply need to modify the internal layers (ex: bone warping, bone scaling, muscle bulging, fat injection, etc.) and prompt the system to update the external skin based on the new layer information. Changes in the musculo-skeleton are saved into a format called Reflex|DNA and can be reapplied to any human in a 3D scene.

The patented Reflex|DNA sequencing technology is the fastest ways to design humans with realism. Everything that users change in the body is "recorded" as they work. The result is the electronic version of a real DNA: a faithful recording of what makes an individual truly unique! Users do not need to know anything about the human anatomy. Everything is visual, interactive and mouse-driven.

ReflexDRAMA was developed with direct input from leading special FX and game companies to address long standing issues:

  • Resolution independence - Design once and deploy at any resolution in NURBS or polygon meshes.
  • Speed of design - Considerably reduces the time that it takes to generate human characters.
  • Openness - Includes an SDK to generate a large number of different human models at various resolutions and automatically assign motion files to them.
  • Simplicity - Eliminates the need for IK setups and manual vertex weighting and assignments.
  • Compatibility - Compatible with existing 3D animation software. The outside skin can be exported using different file formats.

Pricing and availability
The REFLEX|DRAMA software is available immediately from authorized resellers. Through May 31st, 2003, it is available at the introductory price of $8,990 per node-locked and floating license. For further information please visit the Reflex Systems website at .

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