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Fri 4th Mar 2011, by | Gdc2011

The gang at the Red Dead Redemption team seemed almost happy, tonight.

Perhaps I could call it 'less serious', having taken away the Game of the Year as well as the Award for best Audio, Game Design and Best Technology.  They almost smiled. I certainly hope they had a great time. Well done guys. 

Double Fine Games founder Tim Schafer hosted the ceremony which stumbled along into the early SF evening. There weren't too many surprises, and I reckon many of the half packed room just wanted to get started with the evening's parties and networking opps.

Markus 'Notch' Perrson wore out the carpet as well, wearing an even wider smile. His 'Minecraft' won two awards first at the Independent Awards and then three more at the 2011 Game Developers Choice Awards (GDCA).  The Independent hit game 'MineCraft' surprised at least this writer bringing results as Best Game, the Best Downloadable as well as the Innovation Award.  As mentioned earlier, it also walked up to collect trophies in the IDF Awards, including the coveted Seamus McNally Grand Prize.

Playdead Studios took the Best Visuals Award for the very dark 'Limbo' game, which I am sure only emo's play, and the very cool looking 'Cut the Rope' was the year's best Handheld game.

The quiet, elusive character of Yu Suzuki, SEGA developer, won the nights Pioneer Award with his history of incredible titles behind him. He seemed genuinely humbled and said he'd always lived his professional life everyday  as though he was a pioneer. "It's an honour to be, officially, a pioneer." he said.

Peter Molyneaux used his speech during the Lifetime Achievement Award to apologise for "being an incredibly difficult person to work with." His Fable work stands testament as just one example that this is all worth it.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Peter Molyneux

Pioneer Award
Yu Suzuki

Ambassador Award
Tim Brengle and Ian Mackenzie

Game of the Year
Red Dead Redemption

Innovation Award

Best Debut Game

Best Audio
Red Dead Redemption

Best Game Design
Red Dead Redemption

Best Technology
Red Dead Redemption

Best Visual Arts

Best Writing
MassEffect 2

Best Downloadable Game


Best Handheld Game

Cut the Rope

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