Realviz to debut MatchMover Professional 3.0 at SIGGRAPH 2003 in San Diego

Mon 21st Jul 2003 | News

REALVIZ, a leader in image processing software development, announced today, that Siggraph 2003 will provide the backdrop for the debut of MatchMover Professional 3.0, the very latest version of their acclaimed automatic tracking software. With development schedules exceeding prior expectations, the Company is now pleased to confirm, that there will be a cross-platform launch of version 3.0 in late Summer 2003, making the application available to Linux and Mac OSX users for the very first time. Additionally, in an enforced bid to support the currently besieged post-production community, REALVIZ is also introducing a short-term rental program, which will enable studios to access the very best in tracking technology at an aggressively reduced price point. The REALVIZ team will be demonstrating MatchMover Professional 3.0 throughout Siggraph 2003 (booth: # 2540) from 29.-31. July 2003.

In addition to a significantly enhanced interface, offering users a fresher and smoother workflow approach, version 3.0 also encompasses an array of additional new features, which have been designed in close collaboration
with leading post production houses in Europe and Hollywood. These include:

  • The handling of motion control data
  • 3D object model-based tracking
  • 3D tracking of cameras and multiple objects in the same session
  • The handling of survey points
  • A new graph editor toolbox
  • Motion capture

REALVIZ will shortly begin offering a short-term rental program, with a coupon-based system. Each coupon will enable users to rent MatchMover Professional 'Corsica' (and version 3.0 on its release) for 30 days for only
2,000 Euros/US $. In addition, each coupon will also entitle the user to a 1,000 Euro/US $ rebate towards the purchase of MatchMover Professional 'Corsica', and version 3.0, at full price. (Coupon valid for 12 months.)

About REALVIZ MatchMover Professional
REALVIZ MatchMover Professional is the professional way to automatically track 3D camera data and motion from videos and film sequences, whilst offering users the ability to move smoothly back and forth between Automatic and Manual processes, with no interruption of workflow, providing the ease of automatic tracking, with the precision control matchmoving professionals demand. Since its launch in January 2002, MatchMover Professional has garnered an unparalleled level of praise from end-users, press and industry insiders alike. Considered by many post-production professionals as a key tool in their armory, MatchMover Pro has been used for incredible effects in many feature film and television projects, including, Steven Spielberg's alien abduction miniseries, "Taken" as well as "Dinotopia", "Die Another Day", "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets", "The Ring", "Shanghai Knights" and the current "Down with Love", starring ReneƩ Zellweger and Ewan McGregor.

Pricing & Availability
REALVIZ MatchMover Pro 'Corsica' is currently available for the Windows NT/2000 platform through REALVIZ resellers worldwide at a price point of 7,499.00 Euros ($7,499.00 US). Current owners of MatchMover Professional 'Corsica' will qualify for an automatic up-grade to version 3,0 on its release. Owners of MatchMover 2 Professional are able to up-grade to 'Corsica' for 2,499 Euros ($2,499 US), and will also be entitled to receive version 3.0 on its release in late Summer 2003. Owners of previous versions of MatchMover may also wait, and trade-up to version 3.0 on its release for ?4,499 ($4,499 US). To qualify for all up-grades, proof of purchase is required. For further details on MatchMover Professional, please go to:

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