REALVIZ Stitcher Goes EZ

Tue 22nd Oct 2002 | News

REALVIZ has launched Stitcher EZ, a 'lite' version of their ubiquitous panorama creation software Stitcher. The product offers users a one-click solution which enables even the most inexperienced photographer to convert their photographs into stunning wide-angle panoramas, which can be used in a variety of different ways, including the creation of virtual tours and high-resolution posters. The software also enables users to scan large documents (with a standard personal scanner) in several stages (up to 3 x 3), and then stitch them seamlessly back together.

Realviz Stitcher EZ Main Functions:
·Single-row stitching (horizontal or vertical) of photographs, up to 360°,
for the creation of virtual tours and high-resolution posters
·Multi-row stitching (mosaicking) of up to 3 x 3 initial images
·Multi-row stitching (mosaicking) of scanned sheets (up to 3 x 3)

REALVIZ Stitcher EZ is available worldwide for both Apple Mac (OSX) & Microsoft Windows at a MSRP of US $59.00 and is slated for shipment in early November 2002. The application is also optimized for use with the INTEL Pentium 3 & 4.

REALVIZ website

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