REALVIZ Ships ReTimer SD for Mac OS X

Mon 3rd Feb 2003 | News

REALVIZ has announced the availability of ReTimer SD for Mac OSX (A Microsoft Windows version of the application was also recently announced, and began shipping in December 2002.) ReTimer SD is an 'entry' retiming solution, drawing on the powerful engine central to the award-winning high-end software application, REALVIZ ReTimer, and provides a one-stop solution for any type of time warping, whilst retaining the highest quality output. With an innovative technology that enables the calculation of each pixel move, ReTimer SD automatically generates new frames in between existing frames, enabling high quality slow downs or speed-ups, and all without the need for expensive slow motion cameras.

ReTimer SD is based on the innovative, award-winning technology of REALVIZ ReTimer, enabling the exact calculation of each pixel move, giving the ultimate flexibility during post-production, and was recently described by SoftMag as, Norway as "The best program for slow motion we ever tried, very easy to use. We gave it the best points, 6 out of 6. And the best program for the year 2002." Each pixel of an image is searched in the previous and subsequent image in order to build a displacement map. The result of this computation is a flow of vectors. ReTimer SD uses this flow to create new pixels to form an 'in between' image.

REALVIZ ReTimer SD is ideally suited to complement compositing packages, and is a plug-in for Adobe After Effects 5.5, or compatible products, such as DiscreetĂș Combustion and Apple Final Cut Pro. Specifically targeted at artists working with Standard Definition resolution, ReTimer SD, enables users to process images, which are in Standard Definition Pal, or NTSC format.

To see REALVIZ ReTimer in action, go to:

Pricing & Availability
ReTimer SD is now available for purchase through REALVIZ resellers worldwide at a price point of „/$ 790.00 (Mac OSX & Windows). For further information on REALVIZ ReTimer SD, please got to:

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