Realviz ReTimer SD

Wed 13th Nov 2002 | News

For those unfamiliar with Realviz ReTimer, it is a high-end application that allows you to manipulate frame rates on footage. You can speed up or slow down footage and ReTimer will automatically generate new frames in between existing ones by calculating the differences between each frame. Needless to say, a very useful application for productions needing to slow down footage without churning out lots of cash for a slow motion camera or pushing film.

Despite being an extremely useful app, ReTimer has been out of reach for many due to its cost (US$3500) - especially to those videographers and artists working mostly with DV footage. Realviz has responded by announcing ReTimer SD, made specifically for artists working with Standard Definition footage (hence the 'SD'). ReTimer SD works as a plug-in for Adobe After Effects, Discreet Combustion, Final Cut Pro or Pinnacle Commotion. ReTimer SD will be available for purchase at US$790 and will begin shipping in November 2002.

ReTimer Gallery - see ReTimer in action

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