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Tue 18th Dec 2012 | News

Next Limit has released this new video showing more details of the RealFlow 2013 release.  In the first video, released early on in November during the industry night staged in at Lumiere Studios, Andy West from The Mill shows off the work done for the Sinbad TV series for the BBC and TV1. 


In the newest video now online (above, as well), Product Manager Gustavo Sanchez Perez walks through the latest features in the new RealFlow 2013 release. Re-recorded after some technical glitches on the night, this is a very succinct yet thorough overview, which includes Hybrido 2 fluid solver, with hy-flip and hy-sph.  RealFlow 2013 has support for Alembic as a geometry interchange, and also as a particle interchange system. Extended Relationships in objects, batch graphs and the ability to simulate the graphs in batches are also now available.  Watch the original video below as well (if you have time... it's almost an hour!)


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