Quel Solaar Releases New Color Corrector

Wed 15th Jan 2003 | News

Stockholm, Sweden--January 15th 2003 -- Today Quel solaar releases a brand new 64-bit per channel High dynamic range images (HDRI) Color correction software called "Nil Salentinn". Nil salentinn provides an intuitive way to manipulate the color of images for professional and scientific data. It has a wide range of features and tools that allows the user to get the desired results very fast and precise. Like Quel Solaars earlier graphics applications like the modeling application "Loq Airou", Nil Salentinn pushes the envelope by providing a solution so different and innovative form the competition that they raises the bar for what we call innovation in software design.

The ability to color correct high dynamic range data, is something that many users have been asking for, because of the break threw developments in rendering technology. By photographing an environment in high dynamic range, the environments lighting conditions can be replicated in a computer generated environment enabling artists to add computer generated objects in to real environments seamlessly. Being able to have full control of the color correction of these High dynamic images is therefor essential to the process.

The interface is vastly different form any other color correction application, and it allows the user to focus on the task at hand rather then the tools used to get there. In 2002 Quel solaar released "Loq Airou" that was very well received at last year major trade show Siggraph 2002 and just a few days in to the new year Quel solaar releases a major new application that builds on top of the experiences of Loq airou bringing it even further.

"Perhaps most impressing is that a such advanced application has been developed in just 6 weeks, it gives great hopes for a long range of future products." says Eskil Steenberg CEO and founder of Quel Solaar. In the future Quel solaar aims to produce as of yet un announced range of graphic software as well as in cooperation with other companies develop custom solutions.

Nil Salentinn is sold with full source code that allows the buyers unlimited flexibility and extendibility. We believe that if this type of mission critical software fails the user should not have to wait a day or two for support to come up with a patch they should be able fix it them self, and they should also be able to extend the software to get ahead of the competition.

About Quel solaar:

Quel solaar is a newly founded graphic software company based in sweden. The goal for Quel solaar is to not just become one of the major players in the graphics software but to also expand the market in to new areas. The Company has wide array of technologies at its disposal most notably the real-time 3D graphics protocol "verse". With a strong commitment to open source Quel Solaar intends to sell software licenses including full source code. The company has invested much time in R&D and cooperating with the Blender foundation to create the next generation blender technology for computer graphics and are participating in the development of the next generation of OpenGL technology. Quel solaar is privately owned by Eskil Steenberg, but are in the process of building partnerships.


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