Quantic Dream Mudboxing

Wed 21st Mar 2012 | News

Quantic Dream has brought the heavy lifters with Autodesk Mudbox and HumanIK middleware for their next title.




Quantic Dream, the crew that brought the Heavy Rain game into our midst, has adopted Autodesk software suites and Autodesk Gameware technology for development of the company's next title.


According to the company, Mudbox was a driving factor in the studio's decision to move to Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Standard edition, which also contains Maya and MotionBuilder software.

“Previously we were using another sculpting product, but we are impressed with how far Mudbox has come over the past few releases,” said Damien Castelltort, chief technology officer at Quantic Dream. “The interoperability between Maya and Mudbox is a big plus for us. Autodesk has streamlined the workflow between products in the suite, enabling our artists to work more efficiently.”

Quantic Dream also plans to integrate Autodesk HumanIK middleware into its upcoming title. HumanIK provides a full body inverse kinematics (FBIK) system that enables characters to interact more realistically with their environment and other characters within the game.


“Believable characters are crucial when you intend to evoke an emotional response during gameplay,” explained Guillaume de Fondaumière, Co-CEO and EP. “HumanIK will help us achieve more realistic animations, while reducing the amount of time required implementing them. Also, the unified solver for HumanIK in Maya gives us better animation consistency between what our artists see in the software and what comes through in our game engine.”
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