Profound Effects Ships Useful Things 1.2

Tue 21st Jan 2003 | News

Verona, WI, January 20, 2003–- Profound Effects, Inc. is pleased to announce the immediate availability of version 1.2 of Useful Things for Adobe After Effects. In addition to more than 40 new or improved effects, version 1.2 focuses on improving ease-of-use.

Leading the list of ease-of-use improvements is a comprehensive keyword search function that lets users quickly find the effect they want. With about 200 effects already available, and more being added continually, finding effects had to become “a quick and easy” task according to Perry Kivolowitz, CEO of Profound Effects, Inc. Typing keywords such as “particle and snow” lists effects that create snow storm- like particle system effects.

Useful Things is unique in the After Effects universe in that new plug-ins can be created by users or downloaded free from the Internet. In addition to those that come with Useful Things, about 50 more plug- ins are currently available on-line for free download. Also, like the electric guitarist who plugs one effects box into another, many UT plug-ins can be plugged into one other creating new effects without coding.

Trish Meyer, motion graphics designer (and non-programmer), of CyberMotion said, Useful Things is utterly addictive. It ships with hundreds of scripts that will take you hours to explore - and there are dozens more free for download. And once you start learning how to connect one script into another, there's no looking back. And all this without ever having to look at scary code...!"

Among the new effects provided with version 1.2 are video tools that render in an After Effects layer, making them into effects themselves. For example, a Vectorscope that actually tracks a specific AE layer can be inserted into an on-set monitor using After Effects’s compositing and perspective functions. Other new plug-ins include self-animating lines (now popular on television) and more transitional effects.

Useful Things has a retail price of $395 (USD) and is available by ESD (Electronic Software Delivery) from the Profound Effects, Inc. online store. It is available for Windows(R)and Mac OS(R) operating systems supported by the After Effects software, including OS X. Purchasers of previous versions of Useful Things can upgrade at no charge from the Profound eXchange.

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