Pixologic Releases ZBrush 1.55b

Fri 31st Jan 2003 | News

ZBrush1.55b, now available for purchase on both Windows and Macintosh,
is a free upgrade for registered users of previous ZBrush versions.

ZBrush1.55b includes significant enhancements, such as:

  • Multiple, easy-access User-Interface Configurations
  • Starters Palette
  • Customizable ZLauncher ZScript provides easy access to your favorite ZScripts
  • Single/Double-sided Alpha Skinning
  • Smooth and Cubical-Skinning options for alpha skins and unified skins
  • Enhanced ZSphere Adaptive-Skinning with strengthened consistency across ZSphere poses
  • Attractor ZSpheres
  • Expanded Online Help -- hold 'CTRL', float your cursor over any item for comprehensive information
  • Improved 3D Copy/TextureMaster functionality
  • Store 3D vertices as Morph Targets
  • Simulated Refraction/Reflection draw mode
  • Texture UV Seam-Tracer automatically fixes non-continuous UV border
  • Apply UV-Coords-Offset to adjust imported/exported meshes
  • Variable Adaptive-UVTIles texture mapping
  • Import textures/images in JPG Format
  • Resolved issues: ZScripts and serial number time sensitivity
  • Display properties of selected Markers
  • Active and Inactive memory-use control
  • Inactivity Sleep-Cycle conserves CPU and laptop battery use
  • Compact ZScript Format (*.zsc) with imbedded icon and more.

Macintosh users -- ZBrush1.55b is OSX native! (Compatible with Systems 8.6+, 9.0+, and 10.0+)

To purchase ZBrush1.55b, visit www.pixologic.com, and follow the instructions for purchasing.

To upgrade to ZBrush1.55b, visit our Upgrade Page, and follow the instructions for upgrading, using any of the methods provided to access your customer history. You will visit a page showing the version of ZBrush you originally purchased -- click the button labeled "Re-Download Order" to download the new version.

Pixologic Website

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