Pixels 3D Launches Version 4.5 for OSX

Sat 4th Jan 2003 | News

San Diego, CA, January 3, 2003 -- Pixels Digital, manufacturers of PiXELS 3D has released version 4.5 for OSX. The new version packs substantial new features such as; LogoMaker, Global Illumination and a newly engineered Inverse Kinematics system. A version for OS9 is also nearing completion.

Andrew Bryant, CEO and Founder of Pixels Digital, noted: "4.5 is solid and stable and further challenges the price/performance perception that a professional 3D tool has to cost thousands of dollars. 4.5 also challenges the perception that professional results are difficult to attain and further illustrates our commitment to the PiXELS community by implementing major innovations without raising the cost of the program itself. We have never been more excited about the present, or about the coming months for our users. 4.5 is the continuation of our commitment to an aggressive and consistent development schedule for the user community's benefit."

The new features in 4.5 set PiXELS 3D apart from the learning curves associated with many programs. 4.5 makes difficult tasks such as rigging a character with a complete IK system or using Global Illumination elegantly simple without limiting the flexibility or diminishing the professional results.

Among the new features in 4.5:

  • LogoMaker: Sharp, clean, beveled text elements as simple and quick as a few clicks. Its ease of use does not limit its power or the professional results. Beautiful crisp text for flying logos, broadcast images and much more are now available as a built in feature. A perfect match for ShaderMaker, the finest procedural texture system of its kind available for Mac users.
  • RigMaker - Inverse Kinematics: IK is not new to PiXELS 3D, and has been a long time favorite with its users. With the development of RigMaker, IK in 4.5 has now become even more powerful and even easier to use while producing professional results.
  • Global Illumination - "GI": An innovation allowing a simple, quick setup that destroys the existing standards of tedious implementation to achieve GI in other programs.
  • Area Lights: A long time industry favorite built in to 4.5. PiXELS 3D provides easier lighting solutions than some of the other current options in the industry. With 4.5 the artist can focus on the results instead of the tedious, time consuming learning curves.

Prices for PiXELS 3D 4.5: 4.0 Owner Upgrade, $199; Competitive Upgrade, $299; MSRP, $399.

For more information, visit www.pixels.net.

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