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Thu 7th Mar 2013 | News

Leading Engineer at Pixar Dirk van Gelder to talk OpenSubDiv at GTC.



One of the key scientists working on SubDivision Surfaces at Pixar will be talking at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC 2013) in San Jose. Dirk van Gelder (Engineering Lead, Pixar) will talk about OpenSubdiv, a new open source library for drawing subdivision surfaces with GPU acceleration that Pixar uses internally for animated feature film production.


"The key question that Ed Catmull and the team asked in the earlier years was 'How can you represent a 3D surface in a concise way. How do you make the surface look smooth but then make it controllable and designable. How do I represent that surface and make that surface look beautiful, organic and smooth, but then gives controls that you can work with? Ed Catmull posed that question in his PhD thesis in 1978, 'Recursively generated B-Spline surfaces'," says van Gelder.


SubDivision Surfaces is something Dirk van Gelder and Tony DeRose at Pixar has been working since '98. "OpenSubDiv is what we want to give away so artists can learn how to use it and standardise the engine," concludes van Gelder. "We really want to promote their use. We think they're awesome and we've been using them forever."


The PIXAR talk at GTC by Dirk van Gelder will cover, firstly a full explanation of what SubDivision Surfaces are, and then an overview of what the OpenSubDiv implementation provides. There are a bunch of examples of industry doors opened, looking at Houdini implementation, and Maya implementation and a major mobile implementation that is well under way.

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