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Tue 6th Mar 2012 | News

OptiTrack has introduced the Flex 13, a megapixel motion capture camera for under $1,000. The Flex 13 unit has an impressive 1.3 million pixels of resolution, a 120 FPS sample rate, and an immense 56-degree field of view.


The combination of an expansive field of view and 1.3MP sensor resolution enables the Flex 13 to track complex, multiple-actor scenes with an exceptional volume-to-setup ratio. When deployed with the stock 56-degree lens in a standard 20 x 20-foot arrangement, the camera can attain an active capture area that is among the largest in the industry, allowing for extensive capture volumes even in modest tracking environments.


OptiTrack has long been a favorite for price-sensitive developers and previs studios. The Flex 13 marks a continuation of the technology’s expansion into more rigorous production ecosystems. "This new camera is actually a reflection of our roots," continues Richardson. "We turned the market on its head five years ago with a bold message—motion capture can and should be affordable. Then we made sure that it was. The Flex 13 is the next step in the democratization process—affordable mocap tuned for demanding capture applications."



Flex 13 features:

On-camera image processing for efficient system scaling;
Grayscale scene video with on-camera MJPEG compression;
User-changeable 5.5mm (56°) and 8mm (42°) M12 lenses;
Unobtrusive 850nm infrared illumination;
Infrared and visible-spectrum filtering options;
OptiSync for camera synchronization over USB cable;
External sync in/out via the OptiHub;
On-camera Aim Assist button;
Quick-release face plate for simple lens adjustment;
Compatible with OptiTrack’s ARENA, Expression, and Tracking Tools software;
Free Camera SDK for system integration.



OptiTrack will be demonstrating the Flex 13 at GDC 2012 from March 7-9, in booth 1632.

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