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The Foundry brings forth OCULA 3.0, the most significant upgrade to the package to date.



The Foundry just keeps on releasing big announcements for stuff. This upgrade to OCULA is the almost expected annual upgrade, where The Foundry reasserts its position as the leader in stereo 3D post production software.  There have been several game changing features and  feature improvements.


OCULA is proven in full production pace, having been used in many features, including AVATAR, TRON: LEGACY, PIRATES 4, TRANSFORMERS 4, and others. This product is part of the cool stereo plug‐in toolset for the NUKE compositing system.



Of course, Stereo-3D has seen some amazing growth in the three years since OCULA's initial launch, so the push to keep up has been strong. Sustained collaboration with those working at the coal-face, in studios has given The Foundry much guidance in creating the tool for those working at speed.


OCULA introduces tools to help fix mis-focused camera pairs and assist in retiming in stereo. The entire code base for OCULA is cleaner and gives better results in all OCULA operations.



Mark Van Den Bergen, Senior Compositor-­Stereo, Dr D. Studios said "I love the new disparity map algorithm in OCULA 3.0.  We did tests using the depth map generated by OCULA to create digi-­doubles of real live action in a CG snow storm to allow the FX team to blow snow particles around the people to get the correct holdout mattes in z‐depth. We created geo from footage without building animated digital doubles."



Disparity. Example 1

Disparity. Example 2

Focus matching

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