NXN Software Launches NXN alienbrain Engineer

Tue 25th Feb 2003 | News

NXN Software today announced that it will launch NXN alienbrain Engineer at the Game Developers Conference 2003 in San Jose. The new system for software configuration management (SCM) extends the NXN alienbrain product line and is based on the proven version control technology that has made NXN Software the market-leader in asset management for entertainment and computer graphics projects.

Designed to make software development for media and entertainment projects more efficient, NXN alienbrain Engineer offers special branching, merging and sharing functionality. For example, pre-configured branch types facilitate the creation and maintenance of new language or platform versions. NXN alienbrain Engineer provides clients for Windows, Linux and Mac OS (9, X, Jaguar) as well as
integrations for leading development environments (IDEs), such as Microsoft Visual Studio, .Net and Metrowerks CodeWarrior.

Key benefits for developers
NXN alienbrain Engineer combines critical code management functionality with high usability. Key benefits are:

  • Usability: NXN alienbrain Engineer is easy to implement and even its most advanced features are intuitive to use;
  • Scalability: The system supports millions of file versions and several hundred users per server;
  • Performance: Servers and clients have been optimised in performance to ensure that version control does not slow down the developer - no matter how large the project;
  • Customisability: NXN alienbrain Engineer provides well-documented, open APIs that allow users to further customise the system to meet their specific needs;
  • Productivity: Integrated messaging and file exchange speed up team collaboration; advanced search including keywords, regular expression searches and quick search for frequently-used file sets
    (checked out files, stale check outs, recent changes) improve productivity.

The NXN alienbrain product family
NXN alienbrain Engineer complements the NXN alienbrain product family, a comprehensive product range specialising in asset and configuration management for media, entertainment and 3D-projects:

  • NXN alienbrain Engineer, the smart software configuration management tool for media and entertainment projects;
  • NXN alienbrain Studio, the comprehensive asset and configuration management system for entertainment and computer graphics projects;
  • NXN alienbrain VFX, the powerful asset and production management system for CG film and complex visual effects productions.
The functionality of NXN alienbrain Engineer can be extended through additional modules for Defect / Request tracking (NXN alienbrain BMX) and Remote Collaboration (RCS). Users benefit from a seamless upgrade path from NXN alienbrain Engineer to all other NXN products.

Pricing and availability
NXN alienbrain Engineer will be available from 4th March 2003 for $690 per seat including server and first year support and maintenance. The package can be purchased online from NXN's website at www.nxn-software.com/purchase

You can visit NXN's GDC booth #524 for a product demo (San Jose Convention Center, 4th-8th March) or download a free, unlimited version of NXN alienbrain Engineer for two clients at

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