NVIDIA Mobile GPU's Power Apple Notebooks for the First Time

Wed 8th Jan 2003 | News

NVIDIA Corporation today announced that it has extended its mobile graphics leadership into the Apple market by providing the graphics processing solutions for two new versions of the Apple PowerBook, announced earlier today. Apple’s new PowerBook notebooks will feature either the GeForce4 440 Go with 64MB of dedicated graphics memory or the GeForce4 420 Go with 32MB of memory. With this announcement, NVIDIA GPUs are now available on the following Apple platforms: Power Mac G4s, the eMac, iMacs and now PowerBooks.

The GeForce4 Go GPUs deliver new technologies to Apple PowerBooks, including dynamic power management courtesy of NVIDIA PowerMizer technology. Dedicated hardware, including the integrated video processing engine and 3D graphics engine, greatly reduce the load on the processor for DVD playback and 3D applications, improving performance and extending battery life. NVIDIA Accuview Antialiasing technology provides superb visual quality without sacrificing performance, while the NVIDIA Lightspeed Memory Architecture II offers sophisticated memory enhancement technologies to double available memory bandwidth while increasing overall memory efficiency.

NVIDIA website
New Apple Powerbook

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