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Fri 6th May 2011 | News

If you weren’t able to make it to NAB last month, you wouldn't have made it to the NVIDIA booth.

Please check out these handy video vignettes that summarize some of the on-air graphics, film/video editing, color correction, and 3D video processing solutions they are providing.

There were several solutions for the broadcasting, video/film production, and digital content creation communities, all utilizing NVIDIA Quadro GPU technology.


3ality Digital CUDA powered products debut at NAB 2011
3ality Digital demonstrates their latest Quadro GPU accelerated products within their Intelle Series family of products, which are designed to automate the time consuming aspects of broadcasting in 3D. These solutions deliver significant cost savings for broadcasters who are producing live shows and events in 3D.

3ality Digital


2.    New release of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 debuts at NAB 2011
Adobe demonstrates how NVIDIA Quadro GPUs power faster editing with more accelerated effects in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5.

Adobe CS5


3.    Autodesk Smoke for Mac demonstration at NAB 2011
Autodesk demonstrates how the latest NVIDIA Quadro Fermi GPUs accelerate the finishing processes on the Mac using Autodesk Smoke.



4.    IRIDAS SpeedGrade with real-time ARRIRAW color processing demonstration at NAB 2011
IRIDAS demonstrates how NVIDIA Quadro GPUs are being used to power real-time ARRIRAW nearest color grading workflows by taking advantage of the GPU for debayering ARRIRAW video directly on the GPU.


Perceptive Pixel's Storyboard live presentation application debuts at NAB 2011
Perceptive Pixel’s VP of Solutions demonstrates how NVIDIA Quadro solutions help them deliver the richest touch screen experience in the broadcast industry.

Perceptive Pixel

Vizrt VizEngine 3.5 Virtual On-Air effects showcased at NAB 2011
Vizrt’s Chief Engineering Officer explains how NVIDIA Quadro solutions are being used to power their latest on air graphics solutions. See how CNN used similar technology to power the recent U.S. mid-term elections.


ViewPartners roll out new Cloud Based Content Review & Approval System at NAB 2011
ViewPartners demonstrates how NVIDIA GPU solutions power StudioPass. StudioPass is designed for film and television production professionals and others to help them collaborate from various remote locations, enabling them to review and approve digital content from anywhere in the world, on any Internet-enabled device, including tablets, smartphones, and laptops.


8.    UNREEL shows off their latest virtual studio system at NAB 2011
UNREEL demonstrates how NVIDIA Quadro GPUs are used to deliver rich, virtual on-air sets for studios with up to four cameras.


9.    The Foundry highlights new features of MARI 1.3 at NAB 2011
The Foundry demonstrates how NVIDIA Quadro GPUs are used to dynamically tessellate highly detailed 3D models with MARI 1.3.

The Foundry

FMX 2011 Germany - Conference on Animation, Effects, Games, and Interactive Media

At the FMX show in Germany, Europe's leading annual conference on animation, visual effects, games and interactive media, NVIDIA is sponsoring a compelling variety of tech talks, presentations and panel discussions focused on lighting and rendering. Danny Shapiro and Neil Trevett explain what NVIDIA is showing at FMX.

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