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    Artspace Winners
    he CGSociety and NVIDIA are very proud to present the winners of our newest competition, NVArt: Art Space. In this ground-breaking competition, artists were invited to gaze into the far reaches of imagination and to bring together their vision of grandeur. They were challenged to create the most awe inspiring architecture and landscape, which they did in awesome measure.
    The results are both gorgeous and immensely impressive. A sweep through the gallery of entries is a voyage of discovery on a scale beyond the ordinary. A vibrant fusion of light, color and texture. A triumphant folly of architecture and landscape that unfolds in subtly different ways. The entries are a fantastic collection of imaginative explorations. There is a strong contingent from the far reaches of Russia and Eastern Europe, most with years of architectural training behind them.


    mark NVArt continues to inspire great work from artists from all over the world. In the first competition the theme was
    Amazing Creations. This time it the challenge was Art
    Space and the artists have truly created some amazing
    spaces that inspire the imagination. As with the first competition the global spread of entrants was ground-breaking, with strong representation from eastern Europe.

    Mark Snoswell
    President of the CGSociety.
    CGSociety gathered together an awesome bunch of industry luminaries to judge the many entries. Each judge voted and gave their appraisal, some comments are included here for all to see.

    In the panel, we had Lorne Lanning, the Co founder / President / Creative Director of Oddworld Inhabitants; Shelley Page, the Head of international Outreach at Dreamworks; Syd Mead, celebrated concept designer and pioneer of digital arts; Stephan Martiniere, concept artist and Creative Visual Director at Midway Games; Stephen Stahlberg, founder of Android Blues and Lead Artist at Ignition Studios.

    Pascal Blanché, Concept artist and Art director at Ubisoft; Jeff Mottle, editor of CGArchitect; Kim Baumann Larsen, partner at Placebo Effects; David Wright, Creative Director at NVIDIA; JoAnne Northrup, Senior Curator of the San José Museum of the Arts; and Mark Snoswell, President of CGSociety.org.
    Staszek has been working in the industry as a 3D modeler and sculptor for about eight years. While the discipline of architecture isn't his focus, he has created a most impressive vista and taken the first prize in this major competition. A look around his CGPortfolio reveals some extensive talent in sculpturing CG marble. His render in 3ds Max of 'Equestrian Portrait of Louis XIV' inspired by works of Giovanni Bernin, shows some tremendous ability.

    “So many great examples of architecture can be found in the surrounding world and so many more great projects follow this theme. New technologies enable us to be more creative, give us freedom. As soon as I discovered this competition, I had many ideas that were just waiting to be created. Some things I've never seen before. Looking real and unbelievable at the same time. Like a dream begging to be fulfilled.

    The most beautiful places that come to mind always have water, steep cliffs and tropics in common. Lush turquoise colors emphasizing positive vibes, something I've never seen. I wanted to achieve complete integration of future architecture with nature, complete with green parks, trees and gardens. Everything that makes us feel relaxed and calm. Architecture can give people magnificent vistas, as well as a small historical old-town feel. This might be a futuristic city growing somewhere in another galaxy on a planet similar to our own.

    Many thanks for CGTalk and NVIDIA for giving me a chance to take part in such a great competition. I'd like to encourage everyone in joining these contests.”

    - Staszek Marek

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    Graphics Card:
    NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT.

    Judges comments
    ‘Complex at the Centre of the Universe” depicts a truly monumental complex at the centre of an ocean spanning seascape. The realization of this image is stunning in its scope and imagination with multiple levels of subtle detail that draw you into its world.’ - Mark Snoswell.

    Staszek wins 1st Prize:
    Two NVIDIA Quadro FX 5500 cards and a one week ‘all inclusive' holiday valued at US$10,000.
    Sergey grew up in Kazakhstan, and was educated in architectural studies there. After moving to Novosibirsk Siberia, he began work as an animator and designer. Sergey's 'Wandering City' image also won a Honorary Mention.

    “The subject of this competition happily coincided with my hobby of creating fantasy worlds. At present I work as an environmental concept artist. This work gives me lots of possibilities for self-realization. Therefore I decided to take part in this competition. Many interesting ideas occurred to me at once.

    My main source of inspiration is traveling. Your perceptive borders expand and your consciousness immediately begins filling up with new images. I don't think those feelings can be expressed by words. Last year, I traveled to a wonderful place by the name of ‘Bayan-Aul’. It is an oasis in a boundless steppe of Kazakhstan. There is a lake girded round with beautiful mountains there. This place had served as a powerful source of inspiration when I created "The Great Bayan" image. In this image I tried to create an unusual structure built of stone which would look like a sculpture generated by nature."

    - Sergey Skachkov

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    Graphics Card:
    NVIDIA GeForce 2MX 400

    Judges comments
    ‘The Great Bayan’ implemented a full spectrum of virtues. Its design is incredible, yet retains a semblance of practical feasibility. On a basic level, its execution is solid on all fronts. The lighting, color, perspective, composition, scale, mood, mystery, etc.” - Lorne Lanning.

    Sergey wins 2nd Prize:
    NVIDIA Quadro FX 5500 and a US$500 American Express Gift Card.
  • 3rd
    “The landscape is Derwent Water in the UK. I went there for a break a few months ago and was stunned by its beauty.

    I wondered if there was a way a lot of people could live here together without destroying the ambience of the area. So I tried to design a building that compliments the landscape it’s in and adds beauty to it. The overall shape combines the undulation of the hills, and the flow and texture of the water.

    The building is made from carbon nano tubes, an incredibly strong and light new material that will allow us to build intriguing shapes that are currently out of our reach. I wanted this image to be about the landscape and building equally, and found that introducing elements into the foreground altered the mood drastically. I wanted it to feel like a calm, bright Sunday morning, though the urge to add a jet bike speeding across the lake was almost overwhelming.

    I loved being part of this competition, I came to it a little late so had to think hard about what kind of image I could complete in time, but was spurred on by the thought of such an amazing panel of judges (Syd Mead... WOW) viewing my work. I am ecstatic to have been awarded third place.”

    - Andrew Barton


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    Graphics Card:
    NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT

    Judges comments
    ‘Mega Village 2108’ embodies what I think of as a true fusion of architecture and landscape, without resulting to recreating architecture dressed as landscape or borrowing its forms. It is both optimistic in its view of the future of the art of architecture, and features a potent design concept.” - Kim Baumann Larsen

    ‘Mega Village 2108’ is just such an innovative and aesthetically pleasing design, to me it strikes home like a single note on a huge diamond bell.” - - Steven Stahlberg

    Andrew wins 3rd Prize:
    A NVIDIA Quadro FX 3500 and a US$500 American Express Gift Card.
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