NUKE 7.0

Mon 3rd Dec 2012 | News

The Foundry's NUKE 7.0 has launched and is now available to download.

The Foundry's NUKE release is the biggest to date. NUKE 7.0 comes with a host of polished and perfected tools for day-to-day workflows, and there are new additions to complement its highly acclaimed feature set.

NUKE 7.0 is with RAM cache to give artists real-time playback and a variety of GPU accelerated nodes for NUKEX including MotionBlur, Kronos, Denoise, VectorGenerator, Convolve and ZDefocus. Day to day compositing the way you want it. With entirely redefined roto tools, Primatte 5, the new 2D tracker, support for new camera raw formats and improvements to the SplineWarp tool and DopeSheet. Artists can now relight renders in the comp environment using the ReLight node and even model using NUKEX's new ModelBuilder. NUKE 7.0 will streamline workflow with a number of additions to the Deep Compositing workflow.


Power and Performance.

NUKE's roto tools have been completely overhauled, drastically improving interaction speed as well as giving real-time playback of roto overlays and improved stereo support.

DepthGenerator and Particles

NUKE's particles can now inherit velocity from emitter geometry and emit from the bounding box volume of an object.

SplineWarp interface

NUKE's improved SplineWarp tool lets artists create source and destination splines independently and set separate warp values per layer or spline pair.

Relighting workflows
Able to calculate cleaner, more accurate depth passes and point clouds, both tools offer improved workflow, accuracy and new output options.  


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