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Tue 12th Nov 2002 | News

Dosch Design, who are famous for their collections of models and textures, have just released three new products: Cars, Transport and Engineered Structures. Each set comes with detailed models that can either be used immediately or as a starting point for further customization. One of the advantages to using off-the-shelf models is the time (related to cost) saving factor. Each collection is attractively priced at US$99.

Dosch 3D: Cars
34 detailed 3D-models of cars/passenger vehicles (incl. New Beetle, BMW Convertible, limousine, Mini-Van, Smart-mobile, SUV etc.)

Dosch 3D: Engineered Structures
The product contains 50 detailed 3D-models of complex buildings & structures. Included are bridges, dams/locks, churches, light-houses, pipelines, power lines, silos, satellite-antennas, gas-stations, oil-rigs, train-stations, oil refinery, roller coaster & carousel ... and more.

Dosch 3D: Transport
32 detailed 3D-models of transport vehicles, incl. busses, trucks, delivery vans, construction machinery, small ships/boats and a train.

Dosch Design

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