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nDo2 is out of beta and 'in stores NOW!' Quixel nDo2 is built from the ground up, fully integrated into Adobe Photoshop, and able to generate normal in real-time 3D.

The new nDo2 is a plugin that allows artists to create normals & 3D from simple hand-painted cavity maps.  CGSociety plugged this invention about a year ago, and today, Teddy Bergsman let me know of the release of the nDo2 from beta. "I’ve been consumed with the development of nDo2," said Bergsman, one of a team of game artists, creating tools to make their work easier. "After almost a year of 18 hour days, we are ready to present this beauty," he adds.

Combine any Photoshop tools together to create normals, using selections, vectors, even your own custom brushes. The previewer is designed to boost turnaround, never forcing you to leave Photoshop when studying your results in 3D. It auto-loads your maps and instantly renders your tweaks.

Generate unrivaled AO, 16-bit displacement, diffuse, specular and cavity from any normals.

Tweakable in real-time, in Photoshop, no rebaking required.  Achieve clear cut separation of extreme detail and volume from photos with customizable material presets.

This software is available now through the Quixel site below, at some pretty interesting introductory prices.

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