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Sun 12th Jul 2009 | News

Argile is a complete workshop totally dedicated to creation. Forget the technical constraints, the cluttered user interfaces and other fuzzy tools. Import 3D objects and characters to sculpt and retouch them in details, create morphs and preview them in real time. Play with the brushes of the real time 3D painting palette, explore an enormous range of materials and effects, compose scenes and render images. Discover the pleasure of creation with this unique workshop and its original artistic alembics.

Argile 2 comes with an advanced Catalogs System, a major new feature!
Natural, powerful and efficient, these catalogs allow to save and select in one click the transformations you made, the brushes and the textures you created, the settings of a light, etc.
Pick in the multitude of new presets that these catalogs offer, to select paint brushes, background images, floors, objects, complete environments, etc.

2D/3D Content
To help you creating great scenes and models, Argile 2 is loaded with dozens of textured multi-resolution objects.
In its rich libraries, Argile 2 offers a multitude of new high-resolution textures, paint and bump brushes, background and floor images for the scenes, skeletons, camera presets, etc.

The Real Time 3D Paint module has been fully rewritten with advanced algorithms to be much faster and more accurate.
More flexible too... in a single click, you can send the textures of the 3D model to your 2D software (Photoshop, etc.), retouch them and see your modifications automatically updated in Argile 2.

UV Edition
Argile 2 offers its own UV projection system that, in a few clicks, will add UV coordinates to your imported objects so that they can be painted.
On top of that, N-Sided innovates again by inventing an advanced system for UV retouches. It lets you modify the texture positioning directly by clicking and dragging on the 3D model. Work on the final result as if you were deforming the texture!

Self Shadows
The Real Time 3D display of Argile gets better again. It proposes Self Shadows in addition to projected shadows.
See in real time the shadow effects on your model for a much more realistic visualization.

CAD-CAM Exports
On top of QDM and OBJ formats, Argile 2 can export in 3DM (Rhino native format) and STL. Perfect for rapid prototyping and CAD-CAM software!

A smart SCRATCH Mode replays morph sequences as if you were sliding your finger on a piano keys. Indispensable and precious to prepare animation sequences!
Already recognized as a very stable application, Argile 2 includes a lot of improvements and optimizations to be even more productive and pleasant to use.


Import directly your model into the Sculpture Studio to shape it according to your imagination. Forget about polygons, Argile lets you manipulate the objects as if they were made out of clay. Forget about complicated interfaces, Argile offers natural and direct tools that invite you to create and research shapes.
With its intuitive, powerful and innovative tools, this Studio offers the opportunity to customize completely your model. As easy as if you were drawing, smooth your models, accent or soften reliefs, retouch with precision a detail, add a crease.
In a couple of minutes, you will be able to remodel a face, to create the different steps of the transformation (morph targets) and to preview the resulting animation.

Texturing and Painting
Play with materials, transparency and reflections, apply images and bumps in a few clicks.
Paint on volumes as naturally as on paper to try out materials and effects. In real time, your brush strokes add colors, transparency, bump, normal mapping.
The 3D Paint module offers a full set of drawing tools and a bunch of original and handy options to achieve unlimited graphic effects: blend materials and textures, blur, create tiled patterns, transfer directly textures from a background image, move in real time an image on an object to place it precisely.
Argile 2 lets you also retouch your textures in any 2D software such as Photoshop and synchronizes the result with the 3D view of Argile.
For model without UV coordinates, use the UV projection system of Argile and the model will be ready to be painted in a few clicks.

When your model is ready for picture, enter the Render Studio and in a few seconds Argile calculates a high resolution image for quick visualization, for impression or to edit it in a 2D application.

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